Sleazy CNN Might Aggressively Seek Bill O’Reilly’s Divorce Records


CNN is apparently debating internally whether or not they should get more aggressive in attempting to secure the divorce records of Fox News’s host Bill O’Reilly.

Multiple sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that CNN, a heated rival to Fox News, was extremely close to filing a motion to unseal the anchor’s matrimonial records — potentially exposing O’Reilly’s very private information and adding a new dimension to the firestorm.

CNN is leaning towards not following through despite enthusiasm to do it at the top levels. If nothing else, it’s proof of how sleazy CNN actually is. Gawker released some details they uncovered about the divorce, but it’s what you would expect from Gawker.

Regardless of what people think about O’Reilly, this just isn’t right.

No one has any privacy. People think they have the right to know everyone’s business and broadcast it in vicious terms to the world. The reason the terms of the divorce were kept confidential is so the parents could protect their two children who are said to be on medication. The children have had a hard time dealing with issues pertaining to media attention in the past.

His former wife Maureen McPhilmy also wants the records sealed.

If they can topple O’Reilly, it could go a long way to damaging Fox News. Hollywood Reporter crowed about how unpopular O’Reilly is with many on the right and left but, in fact, his ratings have gotten better since he’s been attacked on the pages of the NY Times for settling five sexual harassment claims over a period of about 15 years.



  1. Liberals have always been hypocritical on privacy.

    Recall the dirty way divorce records were used to destroy Obama’s opponent in the senate race. The records were sealed, both parties fought the release, but a judge in California released the records. The stunt was done by Axelrod. Chicago media loved it.

    But, if O’Reilly is replaced by an actual conservative, in the biggest time slot in cable news, the liberals lose. There are no major issues, legislative or executive, that O’Reilly has a conservative position on. Sure, one day he may say he wants the wall, or wants to cut spending, but he contradicts himself the next time.

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