Sleepy Joe Biden slurred his way through his 1st rally!


What is wrong with Joe Biden? He sounds like Daffy Duck. We already reported that he had an itty bitty crowd from one union at his kickoff rally in Lawrenceville, Pennsylvania. What we didn’t mention is the 76-year-old’s slurring of words and multiple gaffes.

There were comments like these:

“I want to thank Rich Fritzgerald, the county executive for — the baladanny [?] — the Alleghengy County executive for being here.”

“The country wasn’t built by Wall St. bankers, CEOs, and hudge — heh — and hedge fund managers,” Biden stammered during what was supposed to be a headline moment.

At various points he stumbled over words like “dignity,” “successful,” and “hospitals.” Occasionally words were entirely indecipherable.

“Union workers, the UAW took extredable — cuts in there pensions and their future and the less to get GM working,” Biden said.

[What does ‘extredable’ mean?]

All of my time in public from — since I got involved.

The country wasn’t built by Wall Street bankers, CEOs and huh — and hedge fund managers.

If the enterprise hits hard times, everybody took a hit.

I’ve regret to rethink how we define what constitutes a succe — a successful economy.

Folks in America don’t think their children are going to have the same standard of living they had.

How can a person dignity be maintained —

Be so — why they do that?

It means investing much more in medical research to confer — to conquer devastating [diseases] like cancer and addiction and Alzheimer’s.

So God bless you all and may God protect our troop. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Listen for yourself:

During the gaffe-filled presentation, middle class, union guy Joe lied about the economy, claiming it’s not helping the people, even though that is a provable lie. In fact, Joe has been the middle class’s worst enemy throughout his career, and that was especially so in his eight years of “service” with Barack Obama. He was serving himself.

Like we said, Joe sounds like Daffy. I could have said he sounds like a drunk but went with Daffy.

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4 years ago

In Sleepy Joe’s defense, it was way past his afternoon nap time.

Buz Chertok
Buz Chertok
4 years ago

Imagine old Joe trying to match Trump in an all out -no holds barred- election campaign home stretch. Trump charging around the country gleefully presiding over AT LEAST 3 rallies per day and giving interviews in between–each in a different state–with him getting stronger with every passing one and old Joe trying to keep his pants dry even before his first one.

If, and that is one hell of a big IF, old Joe remains conscious and unhospitalized, his gaffs will contain gaffs.

By the time Hillary was still no where near campaign finale time, she had to be dragged out of appearances and bodily tossed into a get away van to be whisked away for resuscitation. Old Joe won’t even make it that far.