Sleepy Joe Biden Will Make America “Straight” Again


Sleepy Joe Biden is an anachronism with the communistic politicians in charge of the Democrat Party. Not only is he years too late, but he’s also never been able to even get into double digits the last three times he ran. He’s never accomplished anything and he’s the gaffe master.

He added angry Bernie Marxist Symone Sanders to his team for diversity’s sake. Sanders, 29, rose to prominence during the 2016 campaign as press secretary for Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. She then became a high-profile political analyst on CNN.

In November 2016, she said on CNN, “We don’t need white people leading the Democratic Party right now.” But, for a title and money, she’ll represent the old, white guy.

“Do you have a message for the rest of the world?” a reporter asked. Biden, 76, replied: “Yes. America is coming back like we used to be. Ethical, straight, telling the truth — supporting our allies. All those good things.”

Yep, we’re going STRAIGHT???

Going back to America as it used to be sounds like Make America Great Again. He’s not very original.

Biden, who announced his candidacy on Thursday with a video posted online, has a history of verbal blunders and exaggerations that led him to label himself a “gaffe machine.” Nothing has changed.


His launch video on YouTube starts with the Charlottesville LIE. Most people know by now that Antifa and Black Lives Matter were violent, not courageous. There were innocent people who were in Charlottesville — on both sides — who didn’t know the lunatics would go this crazy. There were lunatics on both sides. The police didn’t help and the chief was held responsible.

He takes the President’s comments completely out of context and twists his intent in his video. But most Americans know the truth.

The man who killed Heather Heyer, James Alex Fields Jr., by hitting two cars and one that hit her, is a paranoid schizophrenic.

The Charlottesville lie is getting boring.

Sleepy Joe even made this attack boring. He overreached saying “America is at stake” since we know the danger lies in the Democrat communistas running the party.

To top it all of, he lied and said he told Barack Obama not to endorse him until they see how the field plays out.

He calls himself an “Obama-Biden Democrat,” but there is no Obama in the Obama-Biden phrase.

Biden made a fuss over having the Obama email list, but that’s all he has.

“[Having the list] is certainly helpful,” Obama era White House communications director Jennifer Palmieri reportedly said. “I don’t know if it is a golden ticket.”

His launch was BAAAAd.

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