Sleepy Joe promises to put all fossil fuel workers on unemployment


Former Vice President Joe Biden, the so-called moderate, promised to give free healthcare to every foreigner who comes in illegally. He made another promise Wednesday night. He will put every fossil fuel worker on the unemployment line.

Kamala Harris who continually flip-flops is a likely choice of a running mate for Joe. Should he die in office, she would be the President.

She’s squeamish about her Medicare For All plan so she continually changes it, but it always ends up the same. Her plan now is simply to take the slow road to Communist healthcare.

Kamala’s core conviction is to have no core convictions. In 2017, she signed on to Bernie’s Medicare For All which eliminates private health insurance. In January 2019, she doubled down but by May, she walked that back. During the first debate, she raised her hand to eliminate private health insurance but the next day, she walked it back.

Now, this week, she has her own slow-walk plan. She is trying to stand somewhere between Biden and Sanders. She will allow a heavily-regulated private insurer to exist but all Americans will be kicked off their employer-based plans. That is a massive disruption. About 90% of Americans have insurance through employers and 70% love their coverage.

Kamala is running her campaign to win over 10% of uninsured Americans. The other 90%, not so much.

She also wants reparations, universal basic income, extreme climate change measured because that is what the hard-left wants

The left is filled with some evil people and a lot who are hoodwinked. They lie, want to overturn all we have established, steal our wealth, and rule over us.

Just walk away.

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4 years ago

I keep hearing the circus music(caillopee(?) whilst I read the articles re: the leftists(commiecrats) clowns. And, especially, when the article is about the current crop of leftists candidates. It just gets louder. Its like that song ya can’t get outta your head. Makes me chuckle.
Joe is one the chief clowns popping outta the lil’ car and the rest are right behind him. Amazing.
Just sayin’.