Small News Network Reports 3 WH Staffers Identified as Leakers, Multiple Firings Soon


I don’t know if this report is true, but if it is it’s an impressive scoop for a small conservative network to say the least. According to the report, three White House leakers have been caught and multiple people will be fired.

Their leaking leaked?

One America News Network (OANN) reported that three White House staffers have been identified as leakers of classified information. OANN is a small conservative outlet but claim their source told them the President will fire multiple people as soon as he gets back. Since it’s illegal, people could go to jail.

The second tweet is a correction to his first tweet which said OGE was investigating which they don’t do.

It’s really odd that the OGE is involved at all – they dislike Trump. They’re his enemies.

They should have been fired immediately.

Got News reported last week that Dina Powell, the deputy national security advisor, has been leaking information at the urging of H.R. McMaster. Specifically, the report says Powell leaked classified information to Maggie Haberman.

The Sentinel finds it hard to believe McMaster would do that but Powell could be a different story. If either of them did, it’s incredibly stupid. The leaked stories are felonious.

Powell is a friend of Valerie Jarrett’s and Human Abedin’s. She is still tied to a Hillary Clinton organization, Vital Voices, and her ex-husband Richard Powell works for a Bill Clinton-tied organization, Teneo.

However, all that might not be a problem. She is equally well-liked by Republicans and Democrats and is friends with Ivanka Trump. Trump’s spokesperson Jason Miller also works for Teneo and there is no question he sounds like a loyalist who worked hard on Trump’s campaign.

Perhaps being friends with Valerie Jarret should be a deal killer for a high-level job in the Trump administration?

Got News reporter Chuck Johnson further claimed from his sources that a fight broke out on Air Force One between Powell and her allies over the Got News report, with Powell blaming Bannon for the leak.

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