Smoking Gun Proof Might Damn James Comey, FBI & Possibly the DOJ


If what James Solomon of the Hill is saying is true, James Comey, the FBI, and possibly the DOJ corrupted the FISA court process to get Donald Trump. Some of the motives appear to be based on hate. If the information is accurate, the FISA court abuse is extremely serious. Don’t forget this is a secret court that is probably not even constitutional. It operates without oversight or accountability and the judges are partisans.

If what James Solomon of the Hill is saying is true, James Comey, the FBI, and possibly the DOJ corrupted the FISA court process to get Donald Trump.


A long email chain that included James Comey and key Russia probe investigators is a damning bit of evidence against the former FBI Director according to House Intelligence sources who spoke with John Solomon. It has only recently been obtained.

The documents are classified and House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes added this chain of emails to the other 12 documents he wants de-classified.

In early to mid-October of 2016, the emails show potential abuses of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) that the majority of members of Congress have not been allowed to see as they investigate FISA abuse.

This point in October was BEFORE they obtained the FISA warrant to spy on Carter Page, a Trump campaign adviser.

The FBI had concerns about the dossier but did not reveal them to the court 

The communications show the FBI knew there were serious intelligence community concerns about the reliability of the main evidence used to support it, namely the Christopher Steele dossier.

The FBI has continually said they didn’t know this before they secured the warrant.

They knew about Steele talking with media confidentially

They also knew Steele, the former MI6 operative, was contacting news media reporters before the FISA warrant was secured.

The FBI has lied and said they fired him once they knew and it was AFTER they obtained the warrant.

It is important to note that Steele was feeding the dossier information to Yahoo reporter Michael Isikoff who then published it. These stories were then used as corroborating information to get the warrant, creating circular intelligence without the FISA court judge knowing. The FBI repeatedly lied about it. It is a forbidden tactic in order to secure a FISA warrant.


What is very important to know is Jim Comey was in the middle of all the emails. He will be questioned by the House intel committee behind closed doors on Friday.

The FBI and possibly DOJ has been lying all along. They hid for months from the public that Steele had been paid by Hillary’s DNC and campaign to get the dirt and they kept secret the hatred he harbored for Trump.

Having concerns about the dossier BEFORE seeking the warrant is a SERIOUS breach of FISA regulations. They have to certify to the FISA court that the evidence is VERIFIED. We know it still hasn’t been verified. They were to alert the judges to any flaws and never mentioned Hillary’s role or Steele’s hatred of tPresidentnet.


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5 years ago

All these revelations and roll-up by this sh#t show aka SpyGate is a result of our patriot and top military spook Mike Flynn.
You should know that he went on a suicide mission together with Mike Rogers/NSA to rehabilitate this republic by admitting he lied. He did not lie but had to admit to it to get into this massive writ large treasonous apparatus.
FISA judge Contreras who not only approved the FISA app against Carter but also spying on Flynn. Contreras also indicted Flynn.
We know that Contreras canoodled with Strzok and Page via their published messages. Yet – Contreras silently recused himself from Flynn’s case without any explanation.

Cue SC judge Roberts: Whatever Hussein/Brennan gained via spying on him caused him to endorse Obamacare making it the law of the land.

Roberts appoints ALL FISA judges – he also re-calls them!

Roberts has been vocal lately and mostly negative against president Trump. This behavior by Roberts tells you that there is lots of smoke.

When all this is said and done and thanks to patriot Mike Flynn blowing this up from the inside Roberts may be impeached after being compromised by the Hussein/Brennan gang.

As Q always says: “Enjoy the show”!

5 years ago

Does anyone believe this criminal corruption and alteration of documents and evidence began with Donald Trump? This is standard operating procedure at the DOJ and he FBI to alter evidence to fit their objective. Their agents lie in court every day with the result that thousands of innocent victims are locked away in prisons. The entire DOJ and FBI needs to be cleaned out immediately. Muller locked away four men he knew were innocent for 30 years. This travesty has been repeated over and over and amounts to thousands of innocent men and women being destroyed.

John Vieira
John Vieira
5 years ago
Reply to  John

The sick retards continue to “prop up” each other and are ably aided and abetted by the even more sick retards in the mainstream fake media…who have been accurately dubbed the “enemy of the people”…