Smoking in the UK & Australia Is Turning Ugly

Ugly Australian Cigarettes

I have mixed feelings about this story. I have never smoked and don’t like to be around it. I was happy when it was banned from bars and restaurants. It’s unhealthy and is tied to every major disease, HOWEVER, there is a liberty issue here.

UK doctors and activists want a smoke-free country in the next 20 years but they are not asking for an absolute ban. They want to make “cigarettes more expensive, less well advertised and too socially unacceptable for most people to continue smoking.”

In Australia, they want an outright ban on selling tobacco to anyone born after the year 2000.

They have the toughest anti-smoking law in the world now going before the Parliament. They want to force tobacco companies to use the ugliest imaginable packaging. All tobacco packages will be olive green with pictures of rotting teeth, children in the hospital and so on. There will be stark warnings.

Tobacco companies are warning that Australia is violating trademark and property rights.

Australia has already banned cigarette logos.

Read at Sky News and Telegraph UK

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