Smollett’s Done! Nigerian Brothers Purchased the Noose


The Nigerian brothers who were released from prison without charges this morning in the Jussie Smollett case purchased the rope/noose that was tied around Smollett’s neck the night he said he was assaulted by Maga supporters.

“There are unconfirmed reports that Smollett paid the two brothers to perform the alleged scheme,” Rafer Weigel reported.

People have tried to discredit reporters and the police.

Federal investigators have been looking into the origins of a hate letter that was mailed to Smollett from the southwest suburbs about a week before he reported being attacked. The mailing, which contained a white powder that reportedly turned out to be Tylenol, mentioned Smollett by name and included anti-black and anti-gay slurs as well as a stick figure bound in a noose. Its return address was “MAGA,” a reference to President Donald Trump’s 2016 “Make America Great Again” slogan. Many elements of the letter were reflected in the details of the attack that Smollett gave to police, CWB Chicago reported.

Smollett is an extreme Trump hater. He has the Derangement Syndrome.




  1. Kamala and Corey both made speeches calling this a “modern day lynching”. Are either one of these rocket scientists qualified for higher office if they couldn’t see through this nonsense from day 1? My dog was even laughing at the story when he saw it on the news.

  2. Whenever you read a story about a racist or homophobic slur scrawled onto a restaurant bill, whenever you read a story about hate messages on college campuses, whenever you read about swastikas being painted onto walls of Jewish institutions, or any permutation of this theme (the Covington case for example) there is a very significant possibility that identity-politics progressives are the ones who are behind the falsity. Lying is in the DNA of the left because they believe their version of reality so fervently and cannot deal with it not being present in the real world.

    They do it to cause division, to cause hatred, and to play the victim. They are indoctrinated to believe they are victims, so badly that they are driven to make up the content of their victimhood. Until they received 10 year prison sentences for their crimes, they will continue to do this.

    Meanwhile there has been over 400 documented REAL cases of violent assaults by left wing progressives against men, women and even children who wear MAGA hats, but of course you’ll never hear about that in the media.

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