Sneak Attack by Another Leftist in the War on Christianity


burning Coptic Church

If a leftist says there is no war on Christmas and Christianity, you’d better believe it or you are engaged in “mythic thinking”, “bizarre myth”, age-old ideas of “martyrdom”, and “weird ideas”, according to Jay Michaelson writing for The Daily Beast.

The leftists are great at stamping down dissent by making you feel you’re a conspiracy theorist or a bizarre thinker if you disagree.

Mr. Michaelson wants you to believe that despite the evidence from the attacks by the Freedom From Religion Foundation and the Military Religious Freedom Foundation which are working hard to obliterate every vestige of Christmas and Christianity in every public place.

He says this as Christians are persecuted throughout the world. Christianity is the most persecuted religion.

Piss Christ, a 1987 photograph by the American artist and photographer Andres Serrano. It depicts a small plastic crucifix submerged in a glass of the artist’s urine.

Art works like Piss Christ and Elephant Dung Mary are not attacks, they’re just works of art. The decades-long attempt to force people into saying Merry X-mas wasn’t an attack on the word Christ, if you think as this author does.

Having been in education for decades, I’ve seen the attacks first hand from parents demanding Christmas parties be called Holiday parties and the Easter bunny called the Spring bunny. I’ve been told straight to my face that they hate Christianity.

Throughout the article, the author refers to believers as the religious right, unfairly putting every Christian under a broad umbrella that only suits some. He means it as a pejorative.

Mr. Michaelson points out that there are “constellation of reasons” for the change and to some degree it’s true but mostly it’s subterfuge.

It’s not a conspiracy against religion or Christianity but rather it’s societal changes which he lists: greater secular education (college degrees), multiculturalism, shifting social mores, the secular space of consumer capitalism and celebrity culture, the sexual revolution (including feminism and LGBT equality), legal and constitutional changes (like the banning of prayer in public school, and the finding of a constitutional right to same-sex marriage), the breakdown of the nuclear family, the decline of certain forms of family and group identification, people are changing religions more often, sex scandals of priests, and the association of religion in general with nonsensical and outdated dogmas.

While all that is true, the latest Pew polling shows that 70% of Americans still identify as Christians, down from 79%. That sticks in the craw of the anti-religious left who want it to disintegrate further and faster.

Michaelson calling the war on religion “fictive” and religion “outdated” is an attack in itself.

He sees the “defense” of religion as “very real and very harmful”.

Why? – Because 17 states passed legislation to protect “religious freedom” by exempting churches and religious organizations from civil rights laws, domestic violence laws and the Hippocratic Oath.

The laws being passed today are decidedly based on leftist and secular ideas. What Michaelson is actually saying is you must abide by these ideas. There is no allowance for the laws possibly being legitimately against one’s moral conscience.

He brings up religions that allow wife beatings – I don’t know what religion that is but that is and always has been a legally punishable offense. He also brings up Hobby Lobby not being forced to provide certain abortifacients to their employees only he says deceptively, “most notoriously that multimillion-dollar corporations like Hobby Lobby can have religious beliefs that permit them to refuse to provide health insurance to their employees on that basis”.

That of course is a complete lie. Hobby Lobby provided health insurance when other companies didn’t. They provide birth control with the exception of four that cause abortions. Mr. Michaelson blatantly lied in this article.

His intentions in writing this are clear in this paragraph:

We shouldn’t think of Kim Davis and her ilk as motivated by hate. Actually, they are motivated by fear, which is based in reality but expressed in fantasy. Christianity is, in a sense, losing the war—but the fighters on the other side aren’t gay activists or ACLU liberals but faceless social forces of secularization, urbanization, and diversification.

That’s what he wants you to believe. It isn’t the leftist revolutionaries, no, the problem is we are all giving up religion for secularization, urbanization and diversification even though he says himself that 70% of Americans identify as Christians and the radical movements are led by statist leftists in the ACLU and the LGBT communities who pretend they are liberals though there is nothing liberal about them.

He concludes, exposing what he is and what his intent is:

There’s not really a villain pulling the strings of social change, but like the God concept itself, mythic thinking creates a personification of evil who is fighting the war on religious liberty, the war on Christmas, the war on Christianity. These malevolent evildoers are like a contemporary Satan: a fictive embodiment of all of the chaotic, complex forces that threaten the stability of religious order.

There are many forces pulling us from God and from Christianity but a big part of it are the leftists who demonize religion, ridicule those who believe, and attempt to convince the masses only the foolish would think otherwise. Michaelson’s entire article is a not-so-cleverly veiled attack on religion, and Christianity in particular, but when you are on the statist left, you can’t imagine anyone thinking otherwise because you are always right and others better go along.