SNL Farewell to Departing Obama Is a Tribute to Boot-Lickers Everywhere


The SNL tribute to our incompetent former president Barack Obama is nauseating, obsequious, and childish. The skit has two of his admirers singing To Sir With Love, sounding like kids competing in a high school amateur hour. It proves true comedy is dead.

SNL licked the boots of their political idol in all seriousness with two non-professional singers. It wasn’t funny and it wasn’t entertaining.

SNL hasn’t been funny for years so I’ve stopped watching it. It’s mostly leftist political attacks of just nasty for the sake of being nasty. This routine from last weekend only came to my attention today.

There’s nothing good to say about this skit except that it exemplifies the state of affairs in entertainment. It explains why an SNL writer thought it appropriate to mock the current President’s 10-year old son Barron. The real question now is can SNL sink any lower and get any less entertaining or is this rock bottom?

SNL is playing to their Dear Leader who only wants a friendly media and constant praise. Obama believes America would be better off without his media critics or any leftist critics.

The next montage has thirteen promises Obama did not fulfill. He was an awful president. That’s my tribute.

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