SNL Mocks Kanye’s Mental Illness After His Pro-Trump Statements


“Saturday Night Live’s” Pete Davidson mocked and debased Kanye West over his pro-Trump speech during the show’s premiere. Davidson said it was “one of the worst, most awkward things I’ve ever seen here.”

“You know how wrong you have to be about politics for me to notice?” Davidson snarked on Saturday.

Comedy is now only allowed to bash the right.

Kanye said they tried to bully him into taking off the Kanye hat at the time he made his statement. Davidson made his own hat reading, “Make Kayne 2006 Again.”

Is there any doubt these loons did bully Kanye into not wearing a MAGA hat?

They called him crazy even though they know Kanye has bipolar disease. They said “being mentally ill is no excuse to act like a jackass.” How cruel is that? This is the party of caring?

What you are supposed to get out of this is that if you support Trump, you’re crazy.

Kanye West has deleted his Twitter and Instagram accounts and we probably won’t get a reaction to this spiel.

It is evil that all the so-called comedy shows are far-left indoctrination. It’s wrong.


  1. just went to 60 celebrities who are conservative… going to support their movies. the left boycotts our movies I suggest we support the hollywood people who support us… whod of thunk the rock was one of us… Yayyyyyyyy

  2. Pet peeve. Let’s stop saying anyone “is” bipolar. Let’s say more correctly, someone HAS bipolar (or any mental illness). We don’t say someone IS cancer, IS heart disease, etc., we say they HAVE those conditions. We don’t define people by their physical illnesses, so let’s stop defining them by their mental illnesses.

  3. Openly bitter performers “create” bad comedy. They’ve made the late night shows virtually unwatchable for a huge slice of the American public. As a result these unfunny, one trick ponies wind up playing court jesters to an intellectually uncurious audience, who dutifully laugh, only when they’re sure they’re supposed to.

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