SNL Thinks It’s Hysterically Funny to Mock a Wounded War Vet


Daniel Crenshaw for Congress photo

Once upon a time, SNL was very funny but those days have all but faded from memory. The left has since discovered they can say any vile thing if they call it ‘comedy’.

Thus, the transformation of late night comedy and SNL into Republican-bashing shows. SNL, for its part, has turned to ridiculing war heroes.

Lorne Michaels thinks it’s a good idea to mock permanently disabled soldiers  Idiot Pete Davidson must agree because he does the mocking.

Davidson is engaged to the pop singer who likes to lick donuts in stores — Ariana Grande. She’s the one who wore a short, teeny dress to Aretha Franklin’s funeral and got ogled by none other than Bill Clinton.

The emasculated comic made fun last night of former Navy SEAL Daniel Crenshaw who lost his eye fighting in Afghanistan. Lt. Commander Crenshaw is running for a seat in Congress in his home state of Texas.

Somehow Michaels and Davidson and their audience think it’s great to belittle him because of his lost eye and his having fought in the war “or something”.

This man, a retired Lieutenant Commander had a 10-year career serving his country and fighting for our freedom. He was hit by an IED blast in Afghanistan while on his third deployment. He lost his right eye in the blast and, after miraculous surgeries, was able to regain his sight in his badly damaged left eye.

Crenshaw was deployed twice more after his recovery. Today, he wants to protect Americans from foreign enemies, over-taxation, over-regulation, threats to freedom, and more.

These night shows – all of them – have been taken over by the indoctrinating leftists. All they do is bash Republicans with classless unfunny jokes they think are knee-slappers.

That is the Democrat Party today.


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