Snoozefest! Pt 2 Candidates Fight for the Most Extreme Positions


Robert O’Rourke is still trying to convince everyone he’s Hispanic. He broke out into Spanish but Chief Warren will put him to shame when she starts speaking Cherokee.

Bill de Blasio has a black son and he warns him about the police.

I am so confused with this next one. Castro will make taxpayers pay for transgender men to abort their babies?

All support the genocide of the unborn:

Elizabeth Warren refused to rule out total gun confiscation. She refuses to say she’ll stand by the Constitution.

Fakeahontas has a great plan to abolish tens of thousands of jobs.

A Democratic President = Less Freedom ⬇️

— Students For Trump (@TrumpStudents) June 27, 2019

Mollie Hemingway of the Federalist is not impressed with Warren:

This is the biggest threat, they say.

Trump is visiting the troops as the Democrats rage on. It just ended!


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