Snowflake Comey Smears Rudy Giuliani While on His Gossip Tour


James Comey is still wallowing in his fame as a tool of the left as he gives interview after interview. During one such interview on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow on Thursday, he attacked Rudy Giuliani. He did it within hours of the official announcement of Giuliani joining Trump’s legal team.

The giant snowflake wasted no time telling Maddow he had ordered an investigation of potential leaks from the FBI based on statements Giuliani had made in the final days of the campaign. Giuliani told Fox News hosts on air that the bureau was going to re-open its investigation of the Hillary Clinton email scandal.

This past Thursday, Maddow, in what seemed like a setup, played several clips of Giuliani on Fox October 2016, including the appearance in which he made the comments that led to Comey asking for a probe.

“This has been boiling up in the FBI…,” Guiliani told “Fox & Friends” at the time. “I did nothing to get it out. I had no role in it. Did I hear about it? You’re darn right I heard about it. And I can’t even repeat the language that I heard.”

Comey told Maddow he asked for an investigation of Giuliani. Apparently, that went nowhere.

Comey doesn’t know what happened because he was fired.

“I don’t know what the result of that was. I got fired before it was finished, but I know that I asked that it be investigated.”

Comey has a bad history with Giuliani and has called Giuliani “dangerous”. His style, he wrote in his crazy book, causes “resentment”. Obviously, a snowflake like Comey would see it that way.

Giuliani has worked with Robert Mueller and is said to have a good relationship with him.

The FBI Became the Federal Bureau of Possibilities Under Comey

Comey is very political and this is one more example of how he politicized the agency.

The former FBI director is interested in dragging Giuliani down for many obvious reasons and he also needs to spice up his boring book tour. He keeps repeating the same things over and over. People are becoming Comeytized as Rush has said.

It is just more proof that Comey is a gossipy and vindictive man who never should have led the FBI.

Comey is a disgrace. He has been ripping apart Trump on air with gossip, innuendo and blatant lies. It seems Comey was the Director of the Federal Bureau of Possibilities. 

Devin Nunes had his say last night and he added this comment, “It’s possible the Russians have something on Comey.”

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5 years ago

Comey seems to be setting himself up to be a fall guy. His recent claim that he took actions because he assumed Hillary would win is suspicious. That story is intended to isolate him as a lone conspirator. It insulates the others above him who were involved in this.

5 years ago

Andrew McCabe acknowledged in public testimony that some agents were angry with the 2016 decision not to prosecute Hillary Clinton,………………..” there were folks within our agency that were frustrated with the outcome of the Hillary Clinton case and some of those folks were very vocal about those concerns,” …..Guiliani still has contacts within the FBI, there are some FBI agents that worked on the Hillary case that went WHAT when Comey let her go, the OIG report can’t come soon enough, I hope SHTF !!!!!

5 years ago
Reply to  Zigmont

The clearest path to justice is known, but almost never talked about.

If the corrupt AG is replaced, and the leaders of both Houses are replaced, then law may be enforced.

Sessions is still blocking the 1.2 million documents from the IG. Congress was promised them in January. Ryan is a severe obstacle to aggressive investigations in the House. Contempt and impeachment of officials seems impossible with a Trump hater in charge, who has never uttered a single word against the witch hunt. McConnell has his gang of RINOs regularly threatening Trump if Sessions and now RR are removed.

Sessions are RR are a team.