Snowflake Diva Azealia Banks Rants About “F***ing Ugly Irish Women”


Racist rapper Azealia Banks called Irish people “inbred leprechauns” lacking “white privilege” in a crazed racist rant.

After an incident on the plane, the foul-mouthed Banks stormed off an Aer Lingus flight from London’s Gatwick Airport to Dublin, Ireland, The Daily Mail reported.

The rapper slammed the flight’s cabin crew as “f**king ugly Irish women” on Monday and claimed she was treated like a wild animal” on a “travel day from hell.”

“I’ve worked too hard in my life to be cornered by some f**king ugly Irish b*tch. These f**king ugly Irish women here,” she ranted in a video on her Instagram account after the incident. “It’s always the same sh*t when I come to the UK. Getting singled out by the haggard, old white ladies, every f*cking time…they’re like ‘Oh who is this black girl in business class?’…They always trying to play you like ‘It’s not racism.’”

“People are so addicted to Azealia Banks trauma porn that they hop on ANY opportunity to try and make it seem like my life is all sad and horrible,” she wrote later. “I’m FINE GUYS! I didn’t get kicked off the plane. I got off the plane on my own. When I got off the plane they kept chastising me and saying they were gonna call the police (for no reason) and it made me cry.”



    • Per Mr. Richmond’s recommendation from “White Skin Privilege”:

      Thus white skin privilege is the privilege of being held responsible for slavery when white America accounted for less than 1% of the African slave trade globally, which was mainly run by “people of color,” while white America led the world in abolishing slavery, an institution which still exists in non-white Africa today.
      In reality, the selective nature of the policy was dictated by the fact that 98% of the homicides in New York are committed by blacks and Hispanics. Blacks constitute only 23% of the city’s population buy they commit 70% of the robberies, while whites are responsible for 4% of the same.

  1. Azealia Banks, With that foul filled mouth, it a wonder they didn’t throw you off the plane! It’s certainly doubtful that you were nice and compliant!

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