So-Called GOP MSNBC Reporter Worries Hogg Will Be Retraumatized


“Morning Joe” contributor Nicolle Wallace, says she is a Republican although she continuously regales the left and far-left. There must be something in the water over there at MSNBC because the same thing happened to Joe Scarborough.

After the mass shooting in Houston Friday, she wants your guns. Not only that, she is afraid that “brave” Hogg will be retraumatized.

Somehow limiting guns will keep criminals and maniacs from getting them in her mind. She wants gun control and the debate is over as far as she is concerned.

If the control freaks succeed, we will end up like London, collecting machetes, knives, garden shears, scissors since criminals and madmen will do whatever they have to if they are bent on violence.

The shooter had bombs planted inside the school and elsewhere. Bombs are banned. What will she do about that? What about cars and vans? They too were turned into weapons.

She praised the Parkland survivors as a “brave” and “beautiful … new generation of gun activists.”

She is worried Hogg and company will be retraumtaized. She needn’t worry, the leftist kid is out trashing Trump, the GOP and the NRA. He’s fine.

He always says the most idiotic things. He retweeted Socialist Elizabeth Warren’s pledge to not take NRA money. When would the NRA give her money? He’s been tweeting endlessly about clear backpacks taking his rights away.

Wallace continues: “Tell me — take me through how a day like today might retraumatize these brave and these beautiful, really inspirational …,” she said to a guest about what she described as “a new generation of gun activists.”

“To me, the Parkland students gave me hope that I haven’t had for the last 25 years around this issue,” she added.

Oh, God, the arrogant, nasty David Hogg, Emma Gonzalez, and Cameron Kasky gave her ‘hope’, really? That is who she meant.

All the Hogg crowd has accomplished is to launch a Get Out the Vote drive among youth for the Democratic Party while dividing the country more. They have done absolutely nothing for school safety.

They made unreasonable demands about gun control and are trying to launch mass boycotts against all those who disagree.

One student voice for truly improving school safety was Kyle Kashuv’s. He met with Congress and went to the White House to call for hardening the schools.

Kyle, a truly admirable victim of Stoneman, tweeted after the tragedy.

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