So, Did The President Really Storm Out Of Yesterday’s Meeting? We Have The Photos!


“…The big takeaway from Wednesday’s meeting at the White House was that President Obama, depending on who you listen to, either stormed out of the room in frustration (Republican aides say), or made a dramatic exit to accentuate his point that time is running out (the White House’s take).

Obama’s speedy departure reportedly came shortly after Eric Cantor, the House’s no. 2 Republican, accused the president of originally overstating the savings his proposal would mean for the country, and pushed for a short-term solution.

The president responded by again threatening to veto any stopgap legislation that reaches his desk, arguing that striking a deal will only grow more difficult as the 2012 elections near.
“This may bring my presidency down, but I will not yield on this,” Obama said, according to ABC News. “Enough is enough. We have to be willing to compromise. It shouldn’t be about positioning and politics, and I’ll see you all tomorrow.”

He then left the room…” Read here: Obama storms out of meeting? Maybe? Yes? No?


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