So Here’s What’s New in Socialist NY


A New York County clerk will not issue driver’s licenses to illegal aliens. The patriot calls it unconstitutional. As the illegals, whoever they are, get their licenses, they are automatically registered to vote. It’s a recipe for voter fraud by foreigners who might not have our best interests at heart.

“Under the 1986 Conflict Immigration Reform and Control Act, it’s illegal to hire people who are here illegally,” Erie County Clerk Michael Kearns said on FNC’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

It is just one of the many problems facing New York after it went full-bore socialist. The only voices heard are socialists, communists, and liberal Democrats.

They basically just legalized marijuana and that won’t go well with all the criminals they are allowing into the state, along with the risk to youth. The other problem is little is said to warn people of its effects, especially in the young. If they think it important to legalize it, then they should also offer educational information to youth about its dangers.

The Washington Post only recently started to talk about “alarming studies about what pot does to the adolescent brain.”

The article by a neuroscientist Judith Grisel states:

It’s not surprising, then, that heavy-smoking teens show evidence of reduced activity in brain circuits critical for flagging newsworthy experiences, are 60 percent less likely to graduate from high school and are at substantially increased risk for heroin addiction and alcoholism. They show alterations in cortical structures associated with impulsivity and negative moods; they’re seven times more likely to attempt suicide.

Recent data is even more alarming: The offspring of partying adolescents, specifically those who used THC, may be at increased risk for mental illness and addiction as a result of changes to the epigenome — even if those children are years away from being conceived.

The NY Times is now coming out with similar stories.


In New York City, under communist Warren Wilhelm, aka Bill de Blasio, the city is going to the dogs.

Crime is up in the schools, which were never stunningly successful, and now the Chancellor is working on teaching students about the evils of whiteness.

New data published by the NYPD show that major crimes, arrests, summonses and the use of restraints all increased in the fourth quarter of 2017 compared to the same period in the year before. The current school year that started in September is one of the bloodiest in years.

It gets worse.

The plan that worked so badly in Parkland is to be implemented in the NYC schools:

The solution Warren Wilhelm and his new anti-white chancellor Richard Carranza came up with was to reduce crime by not arresting students for “low-level” crimes. Those crimes include marijuana possession [which often includes dealing], disorderly conduct [which usually accelerates], spitting, and graffiti.

NYPD assistant chief Ruben Beltran said the discipline for marijuana will now be ”warning cards.”

“The parent gets notified through the schools and it’s up to schools, especially in terms of marijuana, to provide some sort of support,” Chief Beltran said.

Instead of arresting them, they will get diversionary referrals, like counseling, or warning cards. In other words, they will be allowed to commit some crimes for a while.

That is one way to reduce the crime rate.

Suspensions will be limited to 20 days.

Perhaps teachers were calling the police too readily. We don’t know. But crimes should be treated as crimes.

The plan is similar to the one used in the Parkland schools where Nicolas Cruz spent time in the social programs instead of jail. He was ignored when he promised to go to the school to kill people. The New York City plan will cost $11 million for social workers and $1o million for social and emotional programs.

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herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
4 years ago

Turning the city into a jungle, where chaos reigns supreme.