So How’s That Donna Brazile on Fox News Thingy Going?

Two phony smiles?

Polling showed that 96 percent of Fox News viewers are Republicans so what do they do? They put Paul RINO Ryan on their board and hire Donna Brazile to comment on their shows.

It’s hard to know what the thinking is behind all this.

Brazile wrote a conciliatory op-ed for the Right’s consumption prior to making her first appearance. Last night she was on Hannity and it was all so cozy.

She tried to make a lightning round into a dissertation. She called Hannity ‘boo’, so cute.

As far as her views are concerned, nothing is too far left for her. When it comes to abortion, she won’t tell any woman what to do with her body. As far as the Green New Deal, that bizarre piece of rubbish, she wants it discussed.

We know you want to know how people reacted. You can probably guess.

I think the suits will tell Sean what to do, ruin his show, and then fire him for poor ratings.

It’s hard to disagree with the people commenting. For now, I will just mute her. They can’t make me listen to a liar and a cheat who is going to blather Democrat talking points. I’ve heard them all. They’re insane. I’m a constitutionalist and a traditional American, not a nut, and I know a nutty platform when I see it.


  1. Fox is wanting to destroy Hannity and he is a willing lap dog going along without putting up a fight.Bye fox

  2. Fox News wants to go out of their way to be “fair and balanced”. Unfortunately, the rest of the legacy media are one step from falling off the left side of the country. So, Fox News is not doing the country any favors in making media coverage overall fair and balanced.

    That leaves us with OANN, which I recommend to everyone on the right who abhor Juan Williams, Shep Smith, Chris Wallace, Jessica Tarlov, Richard Goodstein, Richard Fowler, Ethan Berman, Leslie Marshall, Ladawn Jones, Scott Bolden and now Donna Brazile.

  3. Hannity was probably pressured or forced to have her on. It’s part of the business to interview people you do not want to.

    Fox is doing what so many institutions such as the republican party are doing. They are deliberately alienating conservatives and abandoning them as they embrace progressive globalism. It’s a bait & switch as they take advantage of viewers, members, supporters.

  4. I am sorry that some of our Conservatives are not as open minded as some of Fox news Superstars. A few of the Dems on board piss me off like Juan Williams and the bald guy who often appears on Tucker Carlson who served in the Obama White House. But the democrats i do like is the young Black guy with the glasses and that democrat Pollster guy who service with Clinton. I didn’t find Donna Brazil real objectionable, yet. Look, Fox says they are fair and balanced. In order to achieve that, they have to hire some Democrats for the other point of view. If you are going to click off Fox News because of it, then you are as narrow as the people you despise.

  5. A person would assume Fox has a significant viewing public but what percentage of people are actually watching Fox, and the rest of Cable News for that matter. At best Fox viewership is around half a percent of the population. That’s ½ of One Percent. That would suggest that Fox has very little impact on the general public.

    I don’t know the numbers but I suspect the Networks have a far greater viewership. Their effect would have a much greater impact. Then there’s the local affiliates. I would surmise their numbers would exceed those of the networks. Since these affiliates have a closer connection to the viewers their impact will far exceed anything Cable News or the Networks provides. Only in cases of large disasters do the Cable entities gain significant viewers.

    It is far more important for the general public to concern themselves with those local affiliates and how they cover, or “skew”, the news. They will have the greater impact simply because they appear more trustworthy by covering the local scene. This is where opinions are molded and should be of the most concern.

  6. Just knowing that Brazile is a liar and political cheat is enough for me to know they want to slowly turn the coverage to a globalist/deep state point of view.
    They think they’re in control not Q and the Patriots. I only watch Fox news in passing so I won’t be able to say if they subtly start changing. That’s up to their regular viewers to monitor and judge. Good luck with that now that its becoming more critical that the truth comes out. The more desperate the deep state gets the more outlandish Fox news should appear.
    Who’s the next to go?

  7. This is Disgraceful – Did the Democrats plant her there – so she can keep the Democratic Agenda Going Strong??? – I’m Disgusted with Hannity and Fox.

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