So Much for “If Iran Cheats, We’ll Know It”


Press TV, Iran’s propaganda outfit in the U.S., conducted an interview with Reza Najafi, Iran’s ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). According to this outlet, Najafi was asked about the IAEA’s role in the potential deal.

“The agency as a professional organization, indeed, should do a professional work. It means — only from the technical point of view — reporting what has been done by Iran. Of course Iran under the Joint Plan of Action, agreed in Geneva, agreed to implement some voluntary measures.” [Bold mine]

These voluntary measures have been implemented, constantly, and it was reported by the agency, and confirmed and verified.

So the role of the agency in the future would be the same. If Iran agrees on some voluntary measures under the comprehensive Joint Plan of Action, then the agency should do its job — as a professional and technical organization — and just issue the confirmation of the measures fulfilled by Iran.

We believe that is the only role that we can predict for the agency.”

It’s voluntary measures now?

We heard that the entire deal rested on the verification measures.

Mr. Obama promised there will be “unprecedented access” to the entire supply chain.

As an aside, to make you sleep better at night, Iran has been praising Russia’s role in these talks, according to Tass, if they can be believed.

Marzieh Afkham, a spokesperson for the Iranian foreign minister, said, “Russia has always suggested rational and logical solutions.”

“The role of Russia in the process of negotiations as well as in the shaping of the reached agreements and the earlier signed documents is very productive,” she said.

Focusing on relations with Russia on the whole, she said “we keep in constant touch with officials of the Russian Federation, hold regular consultations on a wide range of issues”.

“Our cooperation develops stably, and the recent decisions of the Russian leadership on supplies to Iran of S-300 [missile systems] have become a one more confirmation to this cooperation,” the spokesperson said.

Feel better now?

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