Sob Story! Shunned! Kathy Griffin funds her own shows, can’t get work


Oh no, how can this be? Poor Kathy Griffin is unemployable and uninsurable, not because she’s nasty and not funny at all, but because she did a photo-shoot with Trump’s bloody severed fake head, scaring the wits out of his then-ten-year-old son.

Somehow, she made herself into the victim. She tweeted about her recent life story film, blaming the President for her misfortune, although it is her own comrades who dumped her:

“This story is more than a comedian & a disturbing photo. It’s about what America has become: a place where in the wake of a single mistake, a career can be canceled, a place where the president of the U.S. can happily use the power of his office to destroy an American citizen.”

Kathy Griffin says she hasn’t worked since the Trump picture controversy: “I was on the no-fly list!”

She says she’s still on the “D-list,” and that’s with her ongoing trashing of the President, his family, Catholic schoolboys — 8 of whom are suing her — and her non-stop defense of bad people.

Griffin won’t let go of the 2017 photoshoot that backfired on her. She did apologize once and then took back the apology in a tearful press conference with Gloria Allred’s daughter, also a lawyer. The presser deteriorated as she blamed old white men in general for her problems. Then she fought with her lawyer and refused to pay her – blaming her for not doing enough.

The truth is that her Stalin buddies are putting their jackboots on one of their own because she went too far. She’s not coming back.

Griffin has to fund her own shows. She’s blaming the Justice Department and President Trump but it looks like the leftist jury has come in and found her wanting.

Speaking to The Associated Press, Griffin maintained that she did nothing wrong in holding up the fake bloodied head and explained she has no intention of ever apologizing for the photo, even though she says some people still believe her to be a member of ISIS.

“You can be as offended by that photo all you want, that doesn’t bother me at all,” Griffin told AP in an interview published on Monday. “But I want people to know I didn’t break the law. If you take a photo like that, you didn’t break the law. ‘

“I kept saying, ‘I think this is an important, historic story,'” Griffin said. “The President and the Department of Justice shouldn’t make you unemployable and uninsurable.”

Could it be that she’s unemployable because she blames everyone else for things she does (and she’s not funny)?

She has had to fend for herself, so she has a film of her life she’s trying to sell. It is a bomb. During a ‘Now This’ interview, she blamed old white men, ‘check signers’ who don’t want to hire her because she’s 57 years of age.

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