Social Justice Racists Kill School Play After Lead’s Won by a White Girl


Social justice racists shut down the school play, “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”, in Ithaca High School, New York. The reason is the part of Esmeralda was being played by a white girl.

The student actress was chosen for her stellar acting, singing and dancing ability. Alas, she’s white and can’t be allowed to play the role.

Students United Ithaca from the Facebook page. The communist clenched fist is their symbol.

A group of students wrote she couldn’t be cast in the role because she is the “epitome of whiteness”. Ironically, they don’t think they’re the racist ones.

In the original book, Esmeralda is half Roma, half French. She was half-French and half-unknown with Andalusian skin like the Roma. What does it matter?

One of the letters, signed by 27 Ithaca High School students and published in Tompkins Weekly, acknowledged that the student cast as Esmeralda is “a stellar actor, singer, and dancer” who has “worked hard to hone her craft.”


Protester Maddi Carroll is a woman of color who said the role was made for her. She quit the play.

Carroll said the group’s goal was “not just to shut down the production,” but to replace the director with a “socially conscious” one “so that everybody can participate” in future productions.

She said the school’s problems are systemic and changes need to be made to make Ithaca High School more inclusive.

The group, Students United Ithaca, said casting the white woman was “whitewashing” and “cultural appropriation.”

The school shut the play down but might plan another project for the spring.

The social justice group have a list of demands.

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