Social Media Racists Try to Make ‘White Settlement’ Victims Into Bigots


A lunatic burst into a church in White Settlement, Texas, during the serving of communion. He killed one man and injured another. A church member with a gun or an armed guard took down the shooter, saving the other church members from a massacre. Several church members pulled out their guns at the same time.

The racists on Twitter immediately commented on the name of the town. They were more concerned with the name than they were with the shooting and why the monster did it.

The name, ‘White Settlement,’ brought out all the racists with warped minds.

The reason the town is called ‘white settlement’ is explained in Wikipedia:

The name of “White Settlement” was originally bestowed upon the community by several Indigenous tribes in the area. The city got its name because it was the lone village of white pioneers amid several Native American encampments in the Fort Worth area in the Texas Republic territory in the 1840s.

On October 14, 2005, city leaders citing hurdle in attracting businesses announced a plan to have local voters decide on a possible name change for the town from White Settlement to West Settlement. In the November 8 election, the name change was overwhelmingly rejected by a vote of 2,388 to 219.

The oldest street in White Settlement is, of course, White Settlement Road. This original trail led from the fort to the “white settlement” about eight miles west into Native American territory. The area was called “white” because it was a settlement of “white” homesteaders, as opposed to other settlements in the vicinity that were composed of both white and Native American residents. As the Native American problems subsided and the settlement moved westward, the road followed. This was the only public road in White Settlement’s early history.

It’s perfectly innocent but racists think everyone has a mind like theirs.


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