Socialism Buys Typhus & Rats In Cali


Political propaganda prone to socialism on the walls of a small village in Cabo Cruz, a cape in the western extremity of the Granma Province in southern Cuba.

As the Socialists/Democrat Party push ending tax cuts and raising taxes exorbitantly, Barack Obama virtue signals about how he insists on paying his fair share. It’s tax season and he wants you to feel good about paying taxes.

Obama, the ultra-rich guy, told a largely corporate audience at an event in Utah that he doesn’t “enjoy writing checks to the Treasury Department any more than you do.”

“I always used to laugh when people would say about my tax policies: ‘He just wants to tax you to death.’ First of all, I’m the guy who pays the max tax,” Obama said during an hour-long appearance at the Qualtrics X4 Experience Management Summit in Salt Lake City.

He also makes the max money.

He got in a crack about the President not releasing his tax returns.

His comments are in veiled support of the radical Democrats who hope to bring the United States into socialism without firing a weapon.

But what do socialism and its necessarily high taxes buy? We need look no further than Los Angeles and San Francisco. Both are in the process of becoming some kinds of Socialist states.

Considering their plight, it can buy rats and Typhus. As their policies grow, so grow the more brazen and diseased rat population. Watch this investigative report:

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