Socialism Is Coming to America



Yoav Frommer, a leftist who teaches American history in Israel, argues in the Washington Post that Bernie Sanders’ democratic socialism could become the view of the majority of the Democrat Party. Actually, some of us think it already is. Frommer says the Democrat party was built on socialism.

In the near future, it is likely we will have a President Bernie Sanders and a socialist congress. If Bernie was young, handsome, witty, couldn’t you see him winning right now? What Democrat would rail against him and his views?

Haven’t we watched the man on the street interviews where most can’t recognize a photo of the Vice President and who think New Hampshire is on Long Island?

Europe has devolved into Socialism and PC. The U.S. stands alone but we are only a little behind Europe. The entire EU model is socialism on speed with technocrats under Angela Merkel running the show.

Socialism is apparently very attractive. All those freebies, all that wealth for everyone, and all that we have to do is ask the rich to pay a little bit more. It hasn’t worked ever, anywhere in the world, but the dream continues. We mustn’t forget that those who want the freebies outnumber those of us who don’t. It’s a decided disadvantage.

As the wealth is redistributed, the government gains enormous influence and power from the rich. For all intents and purposes, crony capitalism or crony socialism allows the government to control the means of production while pretending they don’t.

The rich you see have power, not just wealth, and that too gets redistributed.

Our free enterprise system and our belief in our constitution and in our own exceptionalism have kept socialism at bay. This is why they are all under brutal attack from the left. It is why this next judicial appointment is so critical.

As we allow unassimilated immigrants to outpace citizens and those who are assimilated, the left has fertile ground to sow their statist dreams.

Redistribution to date has not been unadulterated socialism. It’s been limited to taxes and regulations.

The left has skirted socialism. We don’t have Single Payer, we have Obamacare which might lead to Single Payer but isn’t. It’s a quasi attempt to use free markets to do the impossible – give everyone healthcare without it costing a dime.

Millennials are being trained to love socialism and communism and hate capitalism. Democrats no longer fight socialism because they want one party rule.

The inevitable approaches. We will be the United Socialist States of America. Only one thing can fight off the political revolution from the left and don’t doubt there is one. A stronger political revolution from the right and the center that brings about a resurgence of individual freedom, free markets, and a return to the Constitution could fight it off.

What are the chances that will happen?

What is the big attraction about being a slave to big government?

Cartoon is via Antonio Branco at Comically Incorrect

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