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Waiting in line for food.
Waiting in line for food.

Thousands of workers in Venezuela will receive a pay rise of 30 percent as the country’s socialist government works towards improving its deteriorating economy. Consider the absurdity of this.

They are trying to calm passions as people are put on two-day work weeks and can’t find enough food.

The Socialist government still has significant support among the countries dirt poor but even its most dedicated supporters are feeling the pinch, al Jazeera reported.

The poor are notoriously poorly educated.

Many have turned to government-sponsored, self-sustaining programs to deal with the shortages so it’s no wonder they are still okay with the leftist government.

This is as government workers were told to work only Mondays and Tuesdays to “save energy”.

Inflation will reach 720 per cent some time this year, the International Monetary Fund estimates, and the economy will contract another 10 per cent. Food staples and essential medicines are increasingly scarce. The costs of basic goods and services has skyrocketed. Incomes, for those lucky enough to still have one, are stagnant.

You need a whellbarrel full of money to buy a hot dog.

In addition to the horrible management and corruption in government, there is also a drought and a lack of interest in their crude oil now that the world has better refining methods. Venezuela spent money decadently instead of updating refineries.

In the US, the little college socialists are worried about being offended. They are clueless about Socialism.


Looting and violence are growing in parts of Venezuela, as the country faces widespread food and power shortages. There was rioting in several towns and cities when the power was cut beginning Monday, al jazeera reported.

Everything is rationed.

Residents in the Caracas area of Petare this month said they were eating more starches and skipping meals because they could not find food or afford to buy what was available.

“I have to leave the house at 5am, facing the risk of being killed, to stand in line all day and only buy two or three products,” Jhonny Mendez told the Reuters news agency.

A survey found that 13 percent of Venezuelans said their household only ate once a day.

Another Venebarometro poll indicated more than two thirds of Venezuelans wanted President Nicolas Maduro to quit.

Once you give up freedom to the State, you don’t get it back and this is the inevitable result.

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