Socialist Activist Reveals Secret Culture War to Make Illegal Aliens Legal


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Favianna is one of many leftists who is working towards changing our culture to force illegal immigration on us – among other leftist values. You can check out her artwork by googling favianna rodriguez artwork – it’s informative.

Favianna is one of the many Socialists who wants us all to believe illegal aliens have the right to be here.

The media has been attacking the Republican presidential candidates for using the term “anchor baby” which is merely descriptive, not a pejorative. That too is part of the culture war to make descriptions of the issue into unmentionables.


by Favianna Rodriguez

Leftists change the language and the narrative to change culture and, eventually, policies.

Amnesty activist Favianna appears in the video from Lee Stranahan below. It shows how the language changed the fate of gay marriage. We now have to do the same thing with the word “illegal”, Favianna says.

Americans love their “law and order”, she proclaims, and the insinuation that the illegals are breaking the law has to be removed from the lexicon.

The illegals now come out with their stories and call themselves “undocumented,” she said.

Favianna Rodriguez isn’t simply an amnesty activist, she’s a leftist.

This is how she describes herself on her website:

Favianna Rodriguez is a transnational interdisciplinary artist and cultural organizer. Her art and collaborative projects deal with migration, global politics, economic injustice, patriarchy, and interdependence . Rodriguez lectures globally on the power of art, cultural organizing and technology to inspire social change, and leads art workshops at schools around the country. Favianna’s mission is to create profound and lasting social change in the world. Through her bold and provocative art, she has already touched the hearts and minds of millions. In addition to her fine arts and community work, Rodriguez partners with social movement groups around the world to create art that’s visionary, inspirational, radical and, most importantly, transformational. When Favianna is not making art, she is directing CultureStrike, a national arts organization that engages artists, writers and performers in migrant rights. In 2009, she co-founded, a national online organizing network dedicated to the political empowerment of Latino communities.

CultureStrike is an anti-Walmart group that is trying to force them to unionize.

The has this quote at the top, “You cannot uneducate the person who has learned to read. You cannot humiliate the person who feels pride. You cannot oppress the people who are not afraid anymore.” – César Chávez, UFW

Everything she espouses and supports on these websites is Socialist-Communist in nature. She is against free trade, companies, loves sanctuary cities, and campaigns for social justice among other far-left values. These are the people behind open borders.

Poster by Favianna

by Favianna Rodriguez