Socialist Babe O-Cortez Calls General/COS John Kelly a “Coward”


Socialist know-nothing Alexandria O-Cortez called the courageous general John Kelly a coward for allegedly lying about the insufferable Rep. Wilson. Ocommie-Cortez claims he owes Wilson an apology.


O-Cortez is referring to a feud that occurred last year between Kelly and Wilson after Wilson pretended she overheard comments President Trump made to a widow of Sgt. La David Johnson, a U.S. soldier, killed during a mission in Niger.

Wilson blasted Trump for saying that Johnson “knew what he was getting into,” which caused Trump to attack Wilson. Kelly also attacked Wilson, calling her an “empty barrel“.

If ever there was an empty barrel, Wilson fits the description.


The congresswoman took words out of context, and she didn’t happen to overhear anything. It was very likely a setup. In the least, she listened in to a call, and she had no right to do it.

Wilson exploited the Gold Star widow’s tragedy during the funeral to get something to use against the President in his sympathy call. The widow had 24-hour notice the call was coming.

COS Kelly stuck up for the President and was especially concerned about the way she melded her efforts years before to get credit for funding a building during speeches from survivors of a 1986 firefight between bureau agents and drug traffickers.

He found it crass and self-serving, and he called her an “empty barrel”. It later came out he was mistaken about her taking credit for funding although she did take credit for naming the building.

Wilson quickly came out to call him a liar for the mistake he made after relying on his faulty memory. Then the congresswoman said that “empty barrel” is a racist term.  That must be on the planet Dummkopf from where she hails.

Wilson demanded an apology and the general wouldn’t give her one after she arranged what was likely a setup, exploiting a young widow.

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