Socialist Bernie makes some staff work 60 hrs a week for under $15 an hr


Bernie Sanders wants a living wage for all with a minimum wage of $15 an hour. The only problem is he doesn’t pay his lower-level workers $15 an hour.

Bernie says they’re unionized and he will stand by the deal worked out through collective bargaining — whenever and whatever.

According to The Washington Post:

Unionized campaign organizers working for Sen. Bernie Sanders’s presidential effort are battling with its management, arguing that the compensation and treatment they are receiving does not meet the standards Sanders espouses in his rhetoric, according to internal communications.

Campaign field hires have demanded an annual salary they say would be equivalent to a $15-an-hour wage, which Sanders for years has said should be the federal minimum. The organizers and other employees supporting them have invoked the senator’s words and principles in making their case to campaign manager Faiz Shakir, the documents reviewed by The Washington Post show.

These staffers work a minimum of 60 hours a week and make less than $13 an hour.

Some staffers are leaving and many are barely surviving financially. They say it greatly affects productivity and morale.

The union is pushing for a $46,800 salary for field organizers and for regional field directors, $62,400 as it pressed for a response to the “unsustainability” of the current situation.

Workers who expected the socialist senator to do as he tells others to do have sent multiple complaints to Sanders’ campaign manager, Faiz Shakir.

“Every member of the campaign, from the candidate on down, joined this movement in order to defeat Donald Trump and transform America. Bernie Sanders is the most pro-worker and pro-labor candidate running for president,” Shakir said in a statement.

“We have tremendous staff who are working hard. Bernie and I both strongly believe in the sanctity of the collective bargaining process and we will not deviate from our commitment to it,” he added.

Sanders, meanwhile, continues to push for the $15 minimum wage, attacking corporations like McDonald’s for not paying employees more.

This is the real world and sometimes you can’t pay $15 an hour and survive. Bernie has limited resources. He can’t rob the government piggy bank for this.

Bernie is a typical millionaire socialist with three homes who won’t pay his staff what he is demanding others pay employees, whether they can afford it or not. The truth is, some jobs are not worth a living wage. They’re low-level jobs. And Alabama is not New York — one size fits all does not work.



  1. Here’s a fact about a $15/hr. minimum wage. First that is a raise over 100% yet those employees getting that raise are no more valuable to the employer than before the raise. If I’m earning $16/hr. would mean my work is worth more than twice the value a minimum wage worker to my employer. If minimum was raised to $15/hr. doesn’t mean my wage would go up and I would only be worth $1/hr. more than minimum wage. I want a 100% raise too.

  2. But the brain dead socialists will continue to support Bernie and spew his BS in spite of the proof in their very faces that he, and all socialist elitists, are full of lies and muleikaka.

  3. I used to work 50, maybe a little more, hours a week. I loved my semi-science job (no not the AGW scam). I started at around 9K$ per year. Now I’m getting old and worked my way up. How does one stop the clock? Hahaha. Wake up lefties, you are being being flushed. You will have nothing in the end, so to speak.

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