Socialist Chick O-Cortez Literally Gets Nothing Right — Again


A famed coffee shop in Union Square is closing partly due to the increased minimum wage. It’s also because of the high rents, but the minimum wage is a problem because the owner has a lot of employees – about 150. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the “normal [Socialist] working girl”, is sad that they’re closing their doors. She made a point of saying so on Twitter. She worked there for a while.

There is one problem with her tweet, she supports the increased minimum wage and many other ideas that damage small businesses like this bar.

After holding up under mockery for declaring Sunday that a walk in a national park was an example of democratic socialism, Ocasio-Cortez lamented Monday the closing of the shop, Fox News reported.

“The restaurant I used to work at is closing its doors. I swung by today to say hi one last time, and kid around with friends like old times,” the congressional candidate reminisced on Twitter. “I’m a normal, working person who chose to run for office, because I believe we can have a better future.”

The Coffee Shop in Union Square became especially famous for regularly appearing on HBO’s “Sex and the City”.

It wasn’t the greedy Capitalists who shut it down, it was her people.

This is the entire interview of the sorry economics major promoting higher minimum wages if you can stand the idiocy.



  1. The new face of the DemocRATic party, a know nothing 28 year-old who lied about being raised in the Bronx of NYC, and an old 1960’s hippie, pot smoking, socialists throwback, Bernie Sanders. What a combo.

  2. Now we know: a degree from BU isn’t worth sh it. Affirmative action has consequences….It lowers standards.

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