Socialist/Communist Candidate Andrew Gillum Supports Anti-Israel/BDS Groups


The socialist running for governor of Florida as a Democrat supports anti-Israel groups promoting Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions or BDS, Free Beacon reports. BDS is an anti-Semitic movement founded by Hamas that wages economic and political warfare against Israel. They are intent on its destruction.

Andrew Gillum says one thing but does another. He says he will push back against anti-Israel efforts but openly associates with the worst of the anti-Semites.


Dream Defenders is one anti-Israel group supporting him. They are thrilled that he is one of the “most Progressives” candidates, aka socialist/communist, in the USA.

Gillum says he is “pleased and proud” to be endorsed by the group.

Dream Defenders, a Florida-based advocacy group is a leader in the Black Lives Matter movement, supports efforts to abolish U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, and is intertwined with backers of the BDS movement.

Dream Defenders routinely criticizes Israel for perpetuating what it describes as a “genocide” of the Palestinians and has led at least “two delegations to Palestine” in recent years, according to the organization’s website.

On one trip, they hired convicted terrorist Mahmoud Jeddah as a tour guide. He spent 17 years in prison for using hand grenades to blow people up but succeeded in only wounding nine civilians. He was released in a prisoner swap.

A co-founder of the group is anti-Israel, BDS promoter Ahmad Abuznaid.

They are pro-Palestine and have made the Palestinians their mission by promoting anti-Israel propaganda.


Gillum has also supported and attended the Rockwood Leadership Institute, an organization financed by the New Israel Fund, a chief promoter of Israel boycotts and materials maligning the Jewish state.

One alum of the institute is Linda Sarsour, the America and Israel hater who pushes BDS.


On Aug. 29, Gillum appeared on a podcast called GHOGH, hosted by Jamarlin Martin. He was asked about the recent campaign by Hamas to infiltrate terrorist cells across the Israel-Gaza border under cover of civilian rioting.

Martin referred to some “60 Palestinians who were throwing rocks and protesting what I view as apartheid, they don’t deserve to be shot. Can you speak to the 60 Palestinians that were murdered and the lack of a Democratic [Party] condemnation of that human rights violation?”

[The attackers were mostly Iranian terrorists. Of the 60 so-called Palestinians, over 50 were Iranian militants.]

Gillum responded, saying, “None of us can look at those images and be okay with it … at the hands of this [Trump] administration, we now have even cited more violence by recognizing Jerusalem to be the capital [of Israel] and also to locate the United States embassy there, again just adding more fuel to the fire. I think it was a provocation by the president that was unnecessary and it has been costly from a human toll.”

[Barack Obama said he was going to recognize Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel]

Later in the interview, Gillum characterized Israel’s response to rocket attacks on its citizens as “in my opinion, an outsized response that has created a humanitarian crisis.”


DeSantis said he is concerned and dismayed by Gillum’s ties to radical anti-Israel groups.

“In all my years in Florida, I’ve never seen a candidate for state office who has been as anti-Israel as Andrew Gillum,” DeSantis told the Washington Free Beacon in an interview. “He opposes our embassy in Jerusalem, he does not recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s eternal and indivisible capital, and he even criticizes Israel’s response against Hamas [militants] in May of 2018. His anti-Israel views are part and parcel of his overall far left wing, Democrat socialist agenda. He doesn’t share the values of the vast majority of people in Florida with his position.”

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