Socialist/Communist Women’s March Draws Media Hype After Ignoring March for Life


Even though Donald Trump was the first president to directly address the March for Life, it grew little attention and some revulsion from the media. It was covered by right-leaning publications.

Taxpayer-funded NPR called it the ‘so-called March for Life‘.

“America’s biggest anti-abortion rally, the so-called March for Life, will take place today in Washington, D.C., and Donald Trump is set to become the first sitting president to address the annual event,” said Rachel Martin, the host of “Morning Edition” on the nonprofit radio network.

By way of contrast, NPR and many other publications used the Women’s March as an opportunity to regurgitate all of their complaints against Trump.

At the same time, the hard-left pussy-hatted marchers are trying in their own way to take down the President. While the Women’s March was not supposed to be an anti-Trump Resistance movement, that’s exactly what it is.

Watching men and women and even children in pussy hats is disgusting. We would ask what rights women don’t have that they think we should have but it would be a waste of time. There are none. It’s simply another way to RESIST the President.

The Women’s Marches are led by Socialists and Communists. When you watch the videos on Twitter and YouTube and see all the raised and clenched fists, all the commie signs, and all the many people who support it, you realize the USA will soon be a one-party Socialist nation. We are almost there.

The President trolled these leftists on Twitter but some of them were stupid enough to think he mistakenly thought they were there to support him.

These people are far-left on every issue.

Dana Loesch had something to say about this.


  1. All of these stupid women will finally realize that they are following the communist Pied Pipers, who really have no use for them, ,except to bring down Pres. Trump. Most of these people demonstrating are snowflakes who thought that when their parents tried to guide them that the parents were fools.

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