Socialist Dems Pass House Bill for Massive Federal Takeover of Elections


House Democrats gleefully passed a sweeping, 600-page government ‘reform’ package, known as H.R. 1, that will never be brought to the floor of the Senate.

The bill contains “dozens of provisions favored by liberal advocacy groups, labor unions, and other Democratic allies,” passed on a strictly party-line vote, 234-193.

It is a hard-left bill that will make it easier for illegals to vote, among other awful initiatives. It will ban the removal of anyone from the rolls — ever. It will allow ballot harvesting. It will give enormous tax dollars to politicians, setting up a whole new industry.

It gives union workers six days off to work the polls. It gives the party in power all the power.

It federalizes the vote and takes it out of the hands of the states. It’s a massive government takeover by the Socialists — the Democrat Party.

It ensures a permanent progressive electoral majority.


It limits free speech in a political fashion. It gets rid of Schedule B protections.

Rep. Andy Biggs went to the floor to talk about a couple of the provisions in the “monstrosity of a bill.” It’s a scheme to promote Democrat politicians.

It funnels taxpayer money to political candidates by establishing public financing for congressional elections. That’s the whole new big government industry McCarthy talks about.

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