Socialist Dream Girl Pushes 70% Marginal Tax Rate Theft


The Socialist IT girl, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is pushing her 70 percent marginal tax rate in the halls of Congress. She believes she has the right to steal from the rich and thinks income inequality is because the rich aren’t taxed enough.

The 70 percent tax rate doesn’t include the local, state, and city taxes.

The Socialist wants to take 70 percent of anything the billionaire makes over ten million — to start, so people who do chores for abuelas (grandmas) everywhere keep all the money they make (see tweet below). Never mind that people who make money off the books don’t pay taxes.

The high taxation of the rich is just the beginning because it won’t pay for her free programs. And the billionaires won’t tolerate it. They have options like leaving the country or hiding it or not making it at all.

If she has her way, when the rich leave, she will have to tax — steal — from the rest of us to pay for her unaffordable freebies. It will become shared misery, and the government would have more money to turn into waste and fraud. The government would grow more powerful.

The marginal tax rate survived in the 1950s because no one paid it. They had loopholes, exemptions, and so on. Most of those exemptions are gone now.

In her tweet below, she explains how the person who does abuela’s chores needs the billionaire’s money after it gets filtered through the many greedy government hands.

Paying indirectly for sweet little abuela’s, grandma’s, employee isn’t exactly the way it turns out. They would also pay for a lot of criminals and deadbeats.


The freshman lawmaker says “it’s not surprising” that nearly 60 percent of respondents in a new Hill.TV poll support the idea from which some of her Democratic colleagues in Congress shy away.

“This is a policy that is already popular, and it’s time that we embrace working Americans, and it’s time that the Democratic Party fights in a full-throated manner for the working class in the United States and do not support a marginal tax rate is to really just allow runaway wealth and inequality to persist,” she told Hill.TV.


She attacked former governor Scott Walker, calling him an extremist, but she is a commie IT girl after all. He gave a simple analogy explaining socialism to a child in one of his tweets. She then took that analogy and turned it into her Socialist nonsense.

Cortez wants the rich to pay taxes for more unskilled/low-skilled workers in a country where 47 percent of Americans pay nothing in federal taxes. They have no stake in their government.

The rich are paying most of the taxes now.

She has the intellectual capacity of a toothfish.

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Sir Padre
Sir Padre
4 years ago

That’s why they want one world government; no place left to run from morons like Cortez. How about a “law” that makes it illegal for Congress to pass laws that they exempt themselves from!

4 years ago

Tax her at 99% of net worth each year. She might learn how simple math works.

4 years ago

What I don’t understand is why EVERYONE doesn’t see thru her idiotic ideas. She wants fossil fuels eliminated by 2030, only 11 years from now. AOC, explain to me how the U.S. economy is going to even function when you eliminate ALL COMMERICAL JET AIRCRAFT TRAFFIC since the jets all use JP-4 kerosene based fuel.

herbert r richmond
4 years ago

She is a hardcore Marxist Socialist, who will bankrupt this country.

Tatiana Covington
Tatiana Covington
4 years ago

This is why I reject majority rule, and reserve the right to overrule everyone else.