Socialist It Girl Alexandria O-Cortez Is “Puzzled” by This Question


During an interview with leftist Jorge Ramos on those city steps she loves so, the reporter asked her if we can afford to pay for Single Payer, which she euphemistically calls ‘Medicare-For-All’.

The ‘Medicare-For-All’ scam was devised by communist Bernie Sanders who euphemistically calls himself a Democratic-Socialist.

She told Jorge that she finds the question puzzling because “how do you pay for something that’s more affordable, how do you pay for cheaper rent, You just pay for it,” she said. “We’re paying more now.”

That’s actually not true and we would like to see her math. Her skills appear to be lacking. As more and more people go on the ‘free’ health care, including illegal aliens, people will find their taxes double, triple, who knows. The sky is the limit. The elderly and seriously ill will become very expendable. It will bankrupt us. Everywhere they have wanted to put it in place has found it unaffordable.


In the longer version of the interview below, Jorge says she is “starting a revolution.” Translation: she’s starting a socialist revolution. Her constituents, many of whom are illegal aliens, want this idiot to be President.

The Bronx carpetbagger from tony Yorktown says we can afford to pay for college for all as well as everyone’s medical and dentist bills.

The dope also wants to abolish ICE and prisons, legalize drugs beyond pot, abolish fossil fuel energy in the next 15 years, and she wants strict gun laws. She wants a two-state solution for Israel for the sake of human rights. The little commie girl also wants a Marshall Plan for Puerto Rico to rebuild it with a 100 percent renewable energy grid and pay off their debts, using U.S. taxes. At the same time, P.R. will have full self-rule rule without oversight but continue the benefits they currently receive.

This know-nothing woman thinks ICE violates human rights and must be abolished. Serious crimes only should be a matter for law enforcement.

Impeaching Donald Trump is a “no-brainer” she says and she sure knows about no brain.

She’s a wealth of platitudes with no depth.

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