Socialist Paradise of Venezuela Has Only $10.5 Billion Left


Long lines for food

Venezuela only has $10.5 billion in foreign reserves left, according to its most recent central bank data.

For rest of the year, Venezuela owes roughly $7.2 billion in outstanding debt payments, CNN Money reports.

When their reserves reach zero, they go into default.

“Venezuela maintains its economic model and has undoubtedly become a threat to this capitalist empire,” Venezuela’s foreign minister told the U.N..

She could be a Democratic politician!

“We have to denounce the way the imperial powers have targeted Venezuela for its human rights model, which is inclusive and universal,” Delcy Rodriguez said, El Nacional reports.

“Venezuela maintains its economic model and has undoubtedly become a threat to this capitalist empire and this international and financial order that is causing suffering to the whole of humanity.”

That’s the problem! It must be the Capitalists because socialism works!

A HuffPo writer recently said, “There is no food in Venezuela,” my Venezuelan friend wrote. “Maybe this is the last time you hear from me.”

From HuffPo:

It was not easy for him to reach me. He had to write a letter, give it to his brother who was visiting and his brother sent it to me from abroad.

International phone calls are blocked. All the letters they send are opened, as well as everything they receive is opened and checked. There is no privacy, no liberty of expression and “big brother” is watching 24/7. Even their internet access is limited and controlled. And the military in the streets is ready to use violence and to make detentions.

Like millions of Venezuelans, my friend goes to bed feeling hungry and wakes up feeling hungry. After nine hours in a line, he might get some flour. Yesterday it was actually a good day; it only took him only six hours in a line to get some basic food. So far, he has already lost 33 pounds (15 kilos).

Many kids don’t go to school and are standing in the food lines with their parents. Others go to school, but many faint, because of hunger and malnourishment…

…As my friend expressed, “Every Venezuelan depends on the government, there are no private institutions and all public ones are taken by the government, there is no escape.”

The people are eating their dogs and garbage because there is no food. That’s what socialism looks like!

Venezuela was a beautiful country, now it’s a hellhole.

Who could ever forget Nicolás Maduro’s predecessor, the late Hugo Chavez’s “Bush is the devil speech”?

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