Socialist Preener DeBlasio Visited Border, While 23,000 NYC Kids Were in Shelters


On June 7, 2018, more than 100 kids, many from New York City homeless shelters, marched on City Hall using pictures of homes and Lego houses to demand better housing for their families.   Two weeks later socialist, narcissist, and pretentious New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio (aka 

Warren Wilhelm) scurried to our southern border to grab some MSM love for himself.  He was hoping to maybe get a couple pics with one or more of the 2,300 children who’d illegally entered the country and were temporarily separated from their parents.  

We’ll shortly prove Warren’s “concern” for “the children” was as politically motivated and as phony as his name change.  Here’s the very brief backstory on that calculation. It was simple.  Given the makeup of the 5 boroughs, the Italian brand would most certainly sell better than a moniker raising images of WW I’s Kaiser Wilhelm II.  Our point is, this latest stunt is just another demonstration of how far a calculating, shallow, preening but ultimately insincere DeBlasio will go.  

Here are some specifics:  Children were protesting because of the latest statistics highlighting their plight.  One of the headlines blared:

Homeless Crisis at Record Levels with 23,000 children sleeping in shelters each night  

Contained in the story were heartbreaking published pleas from several of NYC’s youngest, most vulnerable residents.  

Iyana, age 13 said, “In my shelter, I have to walk through metal detectors like I am a criminal. I can’t go to a sleepover at my friend’s house because I have a curfew. The noise is unacceptable and the smells are intolerable.” 

Seven-year-old RJ pleaded, “Close down shelters so we don’t have to feel like we’re in a prison!”

So clueless, and self-centered is Bill, that within in 14 days of this article, the part-time mayor and full time socialist was jetting off to the left’s latest crisis du jour, while his forever festering hometown emergency reached critical mass.  

Neither the devastating stats or the children’s moving appeals could keep DeBlasio from this tone deaf, hypocritical journey.  With 10X as many of “his” deep blue, New York City kids in shelters as there were young people being detained in dark red Texas, his personal political interests had him jetting off to the Lone Star State.  

Hell.  This guy wants to be president.  And Wilhelm will win the one party Empire State, no matter how many local, homeless urchins have to suffer.  It’s the price paid to get some national, far left street cred….for DeBlasio of course. 

Sadly, that tab is being picked up by 23,000 homeless kids, living under awful conditions, in deplorable New York City shelters.  

With Toy Houses in Hand, Children March and Call on Mayor to Build More Housing for Homeless Kids and Families

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