Socialist Stacey Abrams Will Fraudulently Push for a New Election


Hardcore Leftist Stacey Abrams will not accept that she quite handily lost the election for Georgia governor. She has pulled out every card to be played, at least it seemed so. Apparently, she has another card.

She will demand a new election. Abrams and her three dozen leftist lawyers want to overturn the election. Abrams will not concede and wants another round of voting.

Democrat’s are shooting for a longshot strategy that relies on a never-used statute as the Georgia elections officials appear ready to certify Republican Brian Kemp as the winner.

This is what they do in Banana Republics — they keep voting or counting votes until they get the results they want. For over a week now, she has been trying to force a runoff by getting Brian Kemp’s votes below 50 percent but she failed.


Abrams has been trying to portray Kemp as one who suppresses the vote. It is not the case.

According to the AP,  Abrams’ team will draft a petition aimed at getting a new election, to include a slew of affidavits from voters and would-be voters who say they were disenfranchised.

They can get any dope to sign such a form.

Abrams could then head to court under a provision of Georgia election law that allows losing candidates to challenge results based on “misconduct, fraud or irregularities … sufficient to change or place in doubt the results.”

It is bogus and a continuation of a deceit she has been putting out for months. On top of that, Hillary Clinton, Kamala Harris, and Sherrod Brown, with no evidence whatsoever have insisted Abrams would have won but not for the disenfranchisement.

Remember when Hillary Clinton said this in 2016: “We are a country based on laws,” Clinton said in October 2016. “And we’ve had hot, contested elections going back to the very beginning, but one of our hallmarks has always been that we accept the outcomes of our elections.”

Democrats will not accept election results. They call important elections and nominations they lose ‘illegitimate’ from the presidency to Justice Kavanaugh to Georgia and Florida elections. It will be much worse in 2020. They operate like the hard-left in socialist and communist countries.

Abrams is trying to say that cleaning up voter rolls — as required by law — is proof of voter suppression.

Erick Erickson wrote an excellent article at explaining what is going on which you can read or you can watch this clip.


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