Socialist Stacey Responds to Pandering Joe About VP Slot


Stacey Abrams, who is still running around saying she won the gubernatorial election she lost handily, is a strong contender for the VP slot with Joe Biden. His staff is considering announcing her as his choice right away.

She hasn’t even conceded her last race.

She is a hardcore Socialist who is open to illegal aliens and 16-year-olds voting. Biden is old and reportedly has some heart problems. If he dies, she becomes President.

As a young, unpleasant, black woman of the far-left, she would be a powerful running mate since that’s who we are now. Abrams is the failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate known for touting conspiracy theories and flat-out lies.

Biden is pandering and wants to show how diverse he is. Make no mistake, he will rule from the far-left if he wins.

Her response to Biden’s staff is “all options are on the table for 2020.” She is also considering running for President but she has less than a 1 percent approval rating among Democrats.

Stacey Abrams’ spokesperson released a statement on Thursday in response to an Axios scoop that Joe Biden is considering naming her his running mate at the same time he announces his bid for president.

“Abrams continues to keep all options on the table for 2020 and beyond. She has met with over half a dozen presidential contenders to discuss their commitment to voting rights and to investing in Georgia.”

She is apparently in high demand.

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