Socialist Success Story! South Africa’s Black on Black Xenophobia


Black on black crime is a serious problem in South Africa and the irony of it is this is the model for a multi-cultural utopia for the world after the largely white government was ousted and racism given the boot. South Africa is nicknamed the “rainbow nation,” but, ironically, the black South Africans are torturing and killing black Africans from other countries who try to settle in South Africa.

It’s another socialist success story. The phony ideology is in name only.

Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula, the defense minister, said it will be difficult to prevent attacks against foreign nationals. The minister claims criminal elements are behind the attacks.

Ms. Mapisa-Nqakula described South Africa as an angry nation, adding that it wasn’t the first time attacks against foreign national have occurred. In fact, she said it has happened before and is ongoing. There aren’t jobs for the foreigners and they aren’t assimilating.

The South Africans especially don’t like Nigerians. More than 100,000 Nigerians are said to live in South Africa. South African blacks say they are not xenophobic — the foreigners are criminals.

The chairperson of Nigerians in Diaspora Commission (NIDCOM), Mrs. Abike Dabiri-Erewa, disclosed that 640 Nigerians in South Africa have voluntarily registered to return home following the xenophobic attacks in the country.

It’s not only Nigerians the inhabitants don’t like, it’s all Africans who enter. South Africans don’t like the whites either as we have reported previously.

The protester in the first clip pleads with South African blacks to kill whites and Chinese instead.

Yes, it’s another socialist success.

He needn’t worry, they are killing whites too, and there is always an excuse or a cover up.

South African black socialists must call the tribalism of black South Africans “xenophobia” since the target of their discrimination is fellow blacks.

Black Africans persecuted by black South Africans often make it to the U.S.

Ann Corcoran points to a 2018 story from Mankato, Minnesota about a Somali family who got into the US as ‘refugees’ from South Africa.  The so-called Trump Muslim ban of Somalis doesn’t affect them since they didn’t come from Somalia.

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