Socialist Talk! Chris Cuomo, O-Cortez Say Poverty is 100% Preventable!


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the face of the New hard-left Democrat Party, really likes what Chris Cuomo says in this clip. She thinks that the irrational response he gives to one of the people he’s debating is, This is what swiftly cutting through nonsense looks like.

She’s pathetic and so is Cuomo.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo has shown his true colors in the past. He went to Cuba when Obama made his one-way deal in favor of the Communist dictator Castro.  While there, he talked about how “uplifting” communism is. He is also an apologist for Antifa. You can’t make this stuff up.

In the crazy clip, Steve Cortes tells Cuomo and the person in the third box shaking his head, whoever he is, that illegal alien crime is 100% preventable. It is if we don’t let them in. They can’t commit the crimes in this country if they are not here. The left likes to say illegal aliens commit fewer crimes. While there are studies that contradict that, who cares? If they weren’t here illegally, we would have zero illegal alien crime.

Cuomo didn’t address the point made and went off blathering about poverty and hunger. He said they are 100% preventable. In other words, he believes in the Socialist concept of stealing from one group to give to another. He is a biased jerk and shouldn’t be moderating a ‘news’ show or calling himself a reporter.

Many of the illegal aliens now coming in are living off our entitlements, and he wants more of that. Cuomo is unaware of the price to be paid for that type of thinking.

Naturally, Ocommie-Cortez loves it.

Watch this crazy talk:



  1. If poverty is 100% preventable then why hasn’t it been eliminated hundreds or even thousands of years ago? The stupidity of the communist on the left is beyond belief.

      • LBJ solved his own poverty by taking appropriate payoffs while serving as a member of Congress; subsequently by marrying into a wealthy family. Probably increasing his wealth in the same manner as Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have done decades later by taking advantage of knowledge that would equate to trading securities on ‘insider’ information.

    • It is totally preventable …. 1) Every able body – must have a job or be incarcerated! 2) population control – forced abortions! 3) Adopt the Dr. Kevorkian ideology on assisted suicide!

      If we work together in solving problems Cuomo and Cortez become further marginalized.

  2. Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery. – Winston Churchill

  3. Sure it is! Just ask the peasants under communist domination during the last century. Why did their masters have to shoot anyone trying to escape from East Berlin? Why did they want that wall to come down? Why did the people of Romania rebel against Ceaușescu? A simple answer – socialism is run by people. In a totalitarian system, evil people will always rise to the top, and their evil deeds will always be hidden. They disguise themselves as caring people who just want to help everyone. Don’t fall for it. There is no honor in the Democrat party any more, they have resorted to dirty tricks to grab power. Why don’t they want a wall? Because they want illegals voting for them. The proof is in Texas.

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