Socialist Vote Vets Group Smears Pete Hegseth


Vote Vets is a very far-left, anti-Trump group that recently trashed Pete Hegseth, a very pro-vet former veteran and host of Fox & Friends. He’s terrific and is one of my favorites. Pete Hegseth is just a great, sincere man.

Vote vets funds campaigns of socialist vets for office.

The hateful leftist group tried to make it sound as if Hegseth believes veterans who use their benefits are lazy good-for-nothings.

All the hate is coming from the left, all of it. Pete Hegseth is one of the strongest advocates for veterans and active-duty military on TV. It’s ironic that these leftists trash him as not supportive enough when their media can barely tolerate the military.

As AG Conservative writes, it “is a disgusting and obvious smear.” He is “advocating for veterans” and “expects gov’t to be there for vets.”

Pete also responded.

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