Socialists Want You to Donate to Their Reparations Page

Chairman Omali Yeshitela

If you haven’t heard of the radical socialist/communist/separatist Uhuru Solidarity Movement, which is active in the US, you might want to listen to some of its members explain themselves in the video taken at the USM convention in Seattle. The group has branches in a number of other states. This organization has grown since Ferguson according to them.

According to the convention website, the convention took place this past week, It is not enough to “unlearn racism”. We must repair the damage. Pay back what was stolen. Stand in solidarity with the struggle of African people everywhere to be free and self governing. Join the campaign to demand reparations to African people from corporations, banks, churches, and universities. There is no reconciliation without reparations!

They say there are two Americas, which was New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s pre-election campaign spiel.

The Uhurus even have a link where you can donate reparations. I don’t doubt there are some idiots who will donate. I won’t link to groups like this but they can be found easily on google.

There probably aren’t too many members if one judges by their Facebook page but, listen to this insane dribble and know that this is not all that different from Black Lives Matter and any number of reparations and/or socialist groups.

According to Wiki, the Uhuru Movement (Uhuru is the Swahili word for freedom.) is a radical international socialist movement centered on the theory of African Internationalism. The Movement has been led by the African People’s Socialist Party whose chairman is Omali Yeshitela who founded the movement in 1972.

They consider themselves to be African because of oppression and enslavement.

The Uhuru Movement’s political ideology is African Internationalism, which states that capitalism was born parasitic through the attack on Africa and her people. African Internationalism says that Capitalism is imperialism developed to its highest stage, not the other way around, as theorized by V.I. Lenin.

Their ideology comes from Marx’s 1867 book Capital in which he “spoke of the condition essential to the emergence of capitalism, which he called the ‘primitive accumulation’ of capital as capitalism’s starting point.”

The ‘primitive accumulation’ Marx spoke about was what happened as a result of the attack on Africa and the exploitation and exportation of her resources both human and material. According to the Uhuru movement, it was the hundreds of years of free labor and undeterred exploitation of African mineral wealth that took Europe out of the dark ages and laid the foundation of capitalist world system. Without Africa, this theory goes, Europe would be a barren wasteland devoid of resources.

Thus we all have to pay and we will if we don’t take hold of our values, our culture, Capitalism, and our nation.


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