Soda Fascists Lose Battle Against Big Gulps in New York City



Former Mayor Bloomberg began the battle and the current mayor, Sandanista Bill gleefully continued it. The battle of course is the battle against sodas that reach or exceed 16 ounces.

I didn’t realize but now know that this battle was for the well-being of minorities, who are not only incapable of securing photo IDs, but they are incapable of deciding how much soda to drink.

Mayor de Blasio’s statement is rich: “The city’s proposal to cap the size of sugary drinks responds to the alarming obesity and diabetes crisis that so disproportionally affects minority communities in New York City. We are hopeful that the State Court of Appeals will respect the expertise and authority of the Board of Health and its public health professionals and allow the city to move forward with a sound policy that can save the lives of many New Yorkers.”

The fascism was intended to protect minorities! Who knew?

Alas, minorities who drink Big Gulps are no longer under the beneficent protection of Big Brother. New York’s highest court,  the New York State Court of Appeals ruled that the Board of Health “exceeded the scope of its regulatory authority. By choosing among competing policy goals, without any legislative delegation or guidance, the board engaged in law-making and thus infringed upon the legislative jurisdiction of the City Council.”

Who will protect them now?

I’m not a minority but frankly if I were I’d find this extremely insulting. Being exploited to promote fascist policies is not acceptable.

Word has it that Sandanista Bill is looking for new ways to implement his policies, such as limiting advertising.

The difficult life of the fascist, they can never rest.

New York City has a wish list of banned items since their success with cigarettes and salt. Sugar is on the list as is big popcorn in movie theaters and who knows what else, maybe everything.

h/t Herbert Richmond



  1. Frank Zappa, avant-garde rocker of yesteryear, asked the question on the Mother’s of Invention’s first album, “Who are the brain police?” Well Frank , you died too soon to find out that the brain police are, in fact, some of the very people who claim to be your admirers! Political correctness is the current guise for censorship, which you opposed so vociferously, Frank, and which many who claim to be your fans endorse with goose-step rigidity and storm-trooper persistence.

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