Somalia-Born Ilhan Omar’s Eager to DISMANTLE PATRIARCHY in the US


Ilhan Omar

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D., Minn.) talked about “dismantling patriarchy” after she returned from a trip to Honduras a while back sponsored by a radical anti-American group.

Omar attended a delegation to the Latin American country in 2017 organized by Witness for Peace, a group affiliated with numerous activists against America, Israel, democracy, and capitalism, Free Beacon reported.

In other words, they are communists. Omar praised leftist activists who were creative in their work “dismantling patriarchy” in Honduras, and vowed to “continue their fight on American soil,” according to Free Beacon.

On one of her last nights in Honduras, she spoke of misogyny and “dismantling patriarchy” with a Honduran woman. They jabbered wistfully about the creative ways of doing it and the challenges they face to preserve what they love.

White men in the United States are not oppressing women. Perhaps they do in Honduras, I can’t say, but they certainly do in her land of birth — Somalia. Why is she acting as if the United States is Somalia?

It’s simple! The reason is she is a communist and wants to overturn whites, capitalism, men, and all things American.

As the Free Beacon writes, Omar has called for the “dismantling” of the patriarchy and capitalism before. She also describes herself as an “intersectional feminist” on her Twitter account, which used to read, “intersectional feminist, mom, part-time social justice crusader, [and] full-time political junkie.”

The leftist World Council of Churches looks at the problem of “patriarchy” this way:

These are the practical consequences in the daily life of living in a system that creates privileges and oppression – and this is the simple way of defining patriarchy: a system that operates by creating privileges and oppression. The task we face is to identify, name, and challenge these privileges, asking critical questions. For example: Who benefits from this system of privileges? What are these privileges? How do they lead to oppression, and who are ones who suffer? And finally, how can we deconstruct this system? What are the tools, processes, strategies, and policies needed to dismantle it?

The dismantling of patriarchy BS is part of an anti-white, anti-male movement. When it first started out, I didn’t see the big picture and thought it absurd that this fringe school of thought could have any effect. But it is changing the United States.

Killing babies as a woman’s right, white men as privileged oppressors, social justice, political correctness, feminism…they all work together to corrupt American thought. And they are succeeding. It’s a complete communist takeover, masquerading around as socialism since that sounds more euphemistic, although no less dangerous.

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