Some Dare Mention the Obvious – Barack Obama Is a Marxist – Video


It’s obvious Barack Obama won’t love America until it’s a socialist country but people are afraid to say it. The far left has been successful in silencing people.

Amb. Bolton and former Mayor Rudy Giuliani have dared to speak out.

Drudge tweets News cover

The cover above was on today’s NY Daily News, a liberal newspaper, and the title refers to the TV series, The American, which is a story about two Soviet spies who live in 1980s America during the Cold War.

In a speech by Giuliani at a Gov. Walker fundraiser and during ensuing interviews on TV, former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani said that he doesn’t believe President Obama loves America, something which is glaringly obvious to those of us who are paying attention.

Giuliani backed up his statements. He said Obama’s background included being mentored by an America-hating communist who was chosen by his grandfather; he spent formative years in Indonesia; he made a commitment to hang out with Marxist professors in college; taught Saul Alinsky principles; befriended Bill Ayers; and sat in the pews of a Marxist pastor who liked to say, “God damn America”. Giuliani said more – links to his comments can be found here here and here.

“I don’t (see) this President as being particularly a product of African-American society or something like that. He isn’t. Logically, think about his background….The ideas that are troubling me and are leading to this come from communists with whom he associated when he was 9 years old,” Giuliani said.

The reactions to Giuliani were swift and harsh. Communist de Blasio and Debbie Wasserman Schultz were rabid in their comments and WH spokesperson Josh Earnest said he feels sorry for Giuliani in an attempt to demean him.

At least one GOP insider admitted it’s what many believe but are afraid to say. Gov. Jindal and Gov. Walker stood by Rudy.

It’s safe to say Ambassador Bolton might agree with Giuliani based on his comments during an interview on The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson.

Former Amb. Bolton believes Barack Obama’s philosophy is based on Determinism* – everything in life depends on economic structures and poverty is the cause of everything, Bolton said.

“Karl Marx wrote about this in Das Kapital where he said politics, religion, art, literature, culture, are merely the superstructure of the underlying reality so in this view, poverty is the cause of everything and if you just gave these terrorists, people who are terrorists today, jobs, everything would be fine because the root cause is always economic, it’s a philosophy that doesn’t understand politics, religion, culture…”


* Determinism is the doctrine that all events, including human action, are ultimately determined by causes external to the will. Some philosophers have taken determinism to imply that individual human beings have no free will and cannot be held morally responsible for their actions.