Some Loons in the Episcopal Church Might Make God Gender-Neutral


This story falls under the category of lunacy.

The Episcopal Chuch is considering making God gender-neutral, according to Fox News. The church leaders formed a committee Wednesday to “provide a pathway” toward revising the Book of Common Prayer to include gender-neutral language.

The Church leaders want to get rid of all that “masculine language.”

“As long as ‘men’ and ‘God’ are in the same category, our work toward equity will not just be incomplete. I honestly think it won’t matter in some ways,” Wil Gafney, a professor of the Hebrew Bible and strong advocate for the edit, told the Washington Post

Gender language gets in God’s way apparently.

It will take years for the revisions but they will be ready by 2030 and in three years, there will be a trial period.

Never mind that all this conflicts with the Bible. Will God the Father become God the CIS? Perhaps they want to destroy religion. It won’t help the religion founded by a king who had five wives and murdered most of them.

We hate to tell people this but it’s nuts! If this goes through, call it the Episcopal Cult.

This is so unnecessary. These people are certifiable and political correctness is going to be our ruination.

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