Some Mentally Ill, Some Radical Refugee Men Rejected by Australia Arrive in the States


One is heading to New Jersey, another to Tennessee to study human rights which is the trade of the hard-left. Others are going to North Carolina, Georgia, and Pennsylvania, states the left wants to turn blue for the most part. This is one group of at least forty. No American, Australian or U.N. official will tell us who they are and where they are going in the States.

They were rejected by Australia and many have been radical left protesters while stranded on an island. Others will require a lot of therapy we are told. Hundreds of them are mentally ill.

We have nothing against these people and sure hope they succeed but the people behind it really are only being generous with your money and your welfare. You have no idea how bad some of these refugees are. They take a fortune to educate and some can’t be educated well because of their intelligence and mental issues. All of that takes from the pot of money that should be going to your child. The same goes for housing and healthcare.

As long as we have 12-year old African-American children joining gangs or their parents unable to get work, this should not be going on. It is to them that we have responsibility, not strangers.

The refugees were taught to protest like leftist radicals while on the island.

They are all Muslims, mostly men of fighting age who hale from dangerous lands.

They were all given “loans” by the taxpayers to fly here and if they don’t pay them back, they will suffer a low credit rating. Imagine that? Third World men rejected by Australia might end up with a low credit score.

The resettlement contractors make a lot of money to do this and the government has no money so you know where it comes from. The contractors for these men are: the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, the International Rescue Committee and the US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants.

The contractors are all left-wing groups. It’s very humanitarian of them but it’s also lucrative. It’s a win-win.

Why is it a secret since it’s all so humanitarian?

The last line of the story is: The transfers have been challenging for journalists to cover, with American, Australian and United Nations’ authorities refusing to confirm or deny the flights.

Yep, all you need to know.

Read the entire story here and here.

This is the plan for the “country within a country.” You are being replaced with more left-wing residents.


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6 years ago

I thought Trump had got this stopped, when the MSM reported he had an acrimonious phone call with the Australian PM

6 years ago

IMHO, ”love thy neighbor” doesn’t mean inviting a murderer/rapist into my home.

6 years ago

And the tragedy here is there are innocent Americans living right now, living their lives, having no idea their rapist or murderer has just arrived.