Some Officials Won’t Enforce Bill Giving Official Driver’s Licenses to Illegals


Leftists are praising a new plan to give driver’s licenses to people here illegally, but some county clerks are sounding the alarm over potential abuse. They also say that they won’t issue licenses to illegal aliens.

State assembly bill A3675A says that authorities can’t require a person to show that they’re a citizen or lawful resident before being handed an official license. It authorizes Motor Vehicle to give licenses to illegal aliens that look exactly like a citizen’s driver’s license.

I should mention here that New York also has a Motor Voter law.

New York believes illegals have all the same rights as citizens.

This “would allow undocumented immigrants to get a New York driver’s license, using a foreign passport and without a Social Security number,” WRGB News in Albany reported.


Local clerks and state authorities in Rensselaer County are fighting it! It’s still America there.

“I’m going to refuse to issue a driver’s license to anyone who comes into my office that can’t prove to us they’re here legally,” Rensselaer County Clerk Frank Merola, a Republican, told WRGB.

“Federal law states we’re not allowed to aid someone who comes into our office who is here illegally.”

The license will be a state ID for everything and that includes voting.

“Rensselaer County Executive Steve McLaughlin says he believes this legislation is all wrong and is really a political move to give undocumented immigrants the chance to vote,” WRGB reported.

McLaughlin, also a Republican, has pledged to stand with Merola to send a clear message to state lawmakers.

“My approach is, we’re not going to give these licenses to illegal immigrants. People have already violated this law by breaking into this country and we view this bill as kind of waiving all that,” McLaughlin said.

The bill hasn’t passed yet, but it will. New York is a one-party socialist state now.

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