Some People Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Have Guns




A 51-year old man I know with a past history of heavy cocaine use would be denied a gun permit under the new proposed gun laws no matter what state he lives in.

He had a turbulent upbringing which included affiliations with communists and terrorists – it could go against him in a background check. The cocaine complaint against him is over 30 years old though he is still hanging around with communists and terrorists.

His immediate family were Communist-sympathizers in the ’60’s. His mother, an anti-Capitalist, met her first husband, a Muslim by birth, while in college studying Russian.

The husband, a Marxist Kenyan, was a bigamist and an alcoholic who met his fate later on in life in a drunk driving accident he caused, not his first drunk driving accident. He left behind a number of children he never supported.

After the couple parted ways, she left her son with her parents for a few years while she traveled around third and fifth world nations.

During her travels, she met her second husband, an Indonesian Muslim. She went back for her son who was three-years old at the time. She took him with her and her new husband to Indonesia where they lived for years, dining on snakes, dogs, and crispy grasshoppers.

It wasn’t a typical American background.

Years later, his mother gave up on her second husband who had by now discovered the benefits of Capitalism.

She moved back to her home state, Hawaii, with her son. Her father decided that his grandson needed a mentor and picked his drinking buddy, an avowed Communist who was being watched by the FBI. The mentor was on a list of people to be picked up immediately in the event of an attack by Russia.

The mentor was also famous for his pornographic, pro-pedophilia novel.

The son went onto college where his grades were abysmal. He went through undergraduate school in a drug and alcohol induced coma.

He settled down later on in his post-graduate college career and hung around with Marxists and other extremists.

He entered political life with the help of the renowned terrorist and communist, Bill Ayers.

He has illegal alien relatives living freely in the US and he himself supports open borders.

He found religion with a bigoted Marxist preacher renowned for his rants against Jews and Whites.

He is an avid supporter of abortion at any time before birth and even after birth if the intention was to abort.

Knowing the difficulty he would have getting a gun permit, he decided to run for president instead because the qualifications are not as exacting.

This story is hypothetical and any relation to real life characters is purely coincidental.

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